VITALITY is a program for those in the 60+ age range.

These sessions are about maintaining or increasing your functional fitness, strength, balance and co-ordination, sharpening that brain and body connection, maintaining muscle mass and protecting joint health.

What that means in real terms is you will be able to continue, or recapture the ability to:

  • pick up your grocery bags from the floor without doing your back in
  • get up from the floor or a chair without assistance
  • climb the stairs and carry something at the same time
  • continue with your recreational activities for longer
  • be independent for longer
  • Use your smarts better (nobody wants to lose their marbles, memory or brain function)

Our job is to give you an appropriate workout for your ability, that keeps you safe but still challenges you.

What it amounts to is USE IT OR LOSE IT.

No previous exercise history required.

2 x weekly commitment – paid monthly in advance via direct debit only.

First two weeks = pay as you go, then membership terms apply

Classes start Mid October 17 – Monday and Fridays at 10.30am