So the ‘realistic mirror’ has been showing you for a few months now that Gun size is getting smaller and Gut size is getting bigger (additionally the Smart Arse one, who is dang near as tall as you now and has perfected the art of giving attitude, has pointed out your preggy belly more than once).  Geez fella, that Dad Bod has certainly begun settling in.

So you have in fact come to the sobering reality that you are out of shape  – but you haven’t had the Kahunas to do something about it yet.  Why?

Take your pick:

  • Bit chicken (truth)
  • Busy taking your son to Soccer and picking him up from Band practise (truth and excuse)
  • Tired after work (truth and excuse)
  • Don’t want to look like you can’t do ‘the stuff’ (truth and excuse)

There is just one problem – your fitness and strength are tanking by the day and the Smart Arse one is beginning to have a go at you when you tell him he should be outside instead of gaming on the screen . . . you do realise what the word hypocrite looks like don’t you?? (ok, that’s more than one problem).

Here’s the deal:

  • Despite what you say, Smart Arse will pay attention to what you DO
  • Exercise is an essential part of staying healthy – like hops is essential to beer
  • Smart Arse actually wants the cool dad
  • Staying physically strong is actually beneficial for your family
  • Every single day without lifting is making a statement about how much you value yourself
  • Your son will place the same value on his health as you do on yours
  • Giving a shit about you, and about your son, means doing something about it, not just thinking about it

The good news is NOW is the perfect time to change all this.  It is simply making it a part of your daily process.  No hairy big deal.  Just book yourself into a class using the online booking system and turn up – it’s just a process.

Then . . .

Let your boy see you doing the stuff, even the hard bits.  Let him see you keeping on trying, working through it. You are teaching him tenacity and work ethic.  Let him see you succeed.  He may give you a bit of lip about it, but he’s paying attention.  You are teaching him the value of intrinsic reward, and that the harder it comes the better the return.

After all, even above the fitness, strength and health, what is important is that:

Smart Arses become awesome men, when awesome men care about smart arse boys.

Be that dad!