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A light hearted look into being a CrossFitter (from the perspective of those with the girly bits).

For those contemplating taking up the lifestyle to the not-so-newbies . . .

This book will become your survival guide, your modus operandi and your ‘How To’  –  for knowing how to mix it ‘Beast-ette Styles’ either at your local CF Box, or simply if you are just keen to get your exercise on at home.

Ideal if you just want to know a little more, or need some motivation – there’s quotes from CrossFitting ladies from all around the globe that are guaranteed to make you want to get your ‘fit girl’ on!

It’s more fun than nervous weeing  – promise!

As a newcomer to CrossFit, and not knowing a lot about it, I found this to be a helpful and inspiring read. Mixed with lots of facts, tips and a few funnies this book gave me an understanding of the in’s and out’s of my “BOX” and my “WOD” and what these CrossFit words actually mean! I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has just started or may be interest in starting CrossFit.

Hayley Sturt

A quirky survival guide and complete explanation of the guts of CrossFit. Suited to anyone considering starting CrossFit or that has recently started on their CrossFit journey. The already addicted will totally appreciate the humour of this book too, well worth a read.

Ruth Anderson Horrell (NZ CrossFit superstar)