Do you have parents?
Do you have parents that are beyond middle aged?
Do you have parents that are beyond middle aged, that are spending far too much time at home (possibly even your home)?
Do they sit watching you do your thing, when they really should be out doing their own thing, but they don’t know what that thing is, or they aren’t fit enough to really enjoy anything other than the odd spot of gardening?
How is that going to play out for you, and for them (because this really should be about them) over the next ten years if they don’t do something to improve?
Yes, they are going to argue with you a little when you tell them where to go (hint, it’s McKenzie Street), they are going to make the excuses, they are going to try and say that this thing is only for people who are already exercisers . . .
But let’s tackle this with them a different way . . .
How would they feel about getting back to feeling ‘dangerous’ again? And by dangerous I mean rocking that cruise ship holiday they will want to go on because they feel great, not dangerous because they are having trouble carrying their bag of garden mix and are likely to do their back in!
How would they feel about increasing the odds for them being independent for longer (they don’t want you helping them to shower any more than you really want to do it).
How would they feel about being able to do the same things they could 10 – 15 years ago, without even thinking about it?
How would they feel about being able to say “people think Im 60, ssssshhh Im actually 70”?
How would they feel about getting to all of this in a way that is safe, social and works?
How would they feel about coming along to an information session about our Vitality Exercise Classes that are for the 60+ age group?
How would you feel about making sure they get off their patooties and get there? You know, so they have somewhere else to go other than your place!
Info Session to be held Friday 13th October – 10.30am – Front Unit, 26 McKenzie Street
For more information please go to