About Our Coaches

Rach Corcoran


Special talent – getting you to do stuff you never thought you could.

Level 2 CrossFit Trainer

Career #1:  Police ‘Ocifa’ (had a drink or two have we??).  Life happened, and retrained to become a –

Career #2:  Personal Trainer (starting a career in fitness that has now spanned over 16 years).  Success at helping people become more awesome led to contracts as a Master Trainer for Les Mills NZ to train other trainers, and Les Mills International to improve diet and exercise regimens for the International Market.  Continuing to reach further afield Rachael became one of the first Health Coaches in NZ (see www.healthcoaching.co.nz ).

Rachael has one of the largest independent followings in the CrossFit Scene worldwide with her facebook page ‘Moms who CrossFit’.  The respect that she has within the CrossFit community at large has her regularly judging and Head Judging at CrossFit events, and holding contracts with CrossFit boxes across multiple states in Australia.

Specialty – Training Newbies / Rowing

Rachael lives to help you realise your potential . . .

. . . doesn’t have she-abs . . . thanks for asking

Tyler Graham


Special Talent – being beastly strong while looking like a teddy bear.

Level 3 Personal Trainer and Level 1 CrossFit Trainer.

Having previously worked at Exodus Gym in Wellington, Tyler is also an ex-premier rugby player, claims to enjoy cricket, readily tells people his favourite colour is pink and when he grows up he wants to be just like Rich (google Rich Froning).

Tyler loves coaching at CrossFit Horowhenua, because there are no egos involved and it is the ideal environment for members to be motivated.  On a personal level it allows him to help people not only achieve but completely obliterate their personal goals.

Specialty – Strength and Conditioning / Oly lifting

Tyler lives for food . . .

. . .  won’t let anyone see if he has abs . . .

Ai-Chi Li-Wilson


Special Talent – toddler wrangling and putting people bent out of shape back on the straight and narrow.

BChiro & BSc majoring in Physiology.  Member of NZCA. Now practicing here in Levin, NZ (check out her website here…) She’s also just finished her final year in Diploma of Naturopathy. CrossFit Level1 Trainer

In a previous life Ai-Chi was in the U18 NZ underwater hockey team and was also pretty gangsta in the art of Muay Thai.  She has joined the CrossFit Horowhenua team having realised after training with us that we are not only about people getting fit and strong, but the emphasis is on people moving properly.  She enjoys that everyday people get to realise strengths they never thought they had.

Ai-Chi’s personal philosophy is that what we eat, how we move, how we think and how the brain communicates with the body is vitally important (and nobody can argue with that)!

Specialty – Ai-Chi is our Mobility expert!

(She is also multi-lingual and is quite possibly a real life spy)!

Jo Wells


Special Talent – listening, and helping people.

National qualification in Coaching and Sport Science.

Jo is one lovely lady with a list of achievements to her name.  Jo loves fitness and on top of doing her own thing she has always been heavily involved in her childrens sports, both as a supporter and at an administration level.

This awesome woman has an affinity for peoples health and is one of our specialist staff that assist in helping you find your fitness path.

Jo loves to see others thrive  . . .

. . .  you will see her at reception as well as next to you on the gym floor . . .

Don't Be Shy. Get In Touch.

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