Kids love pointing out your Bullshit?

They seem to thrive on pointing out stuff you are telling them to do, but don’t do yourself!

They love being able to get one over on you.

They love pointing out EVERY SINGLE TIME that you are full of crap!

You think they aren’t paying attention because they are always on their phone – Ha!  They see everything!!!

They see you chugging a beer or wine but telling them to have more water.

They see you watching the telly, observing the runners going past the house, saying to yourself you ‘should’ start to get in shape, and then doing . . . NOTHING!

They hear you tell them they should be continuing with exercise or sport, and in their head they are saying ‘why do I have to do sports when you don’t get your butt doing anything active?’

They hear you say to them ‘it’s about what your body can do, not what it looks like’ . . . and while that is true, what they hear you say about yourself is that you need to start exercising to lose weight.

Face it, you can’t bullshit them now as easily as you have in the past.

It’s time to put up or shut up.

It’s time to turn the tables back in your favour.

It’s time to get your ass moving for the right reasons.  To be able to do more, to have more energy, to get stronger so your teen can be the one saying ‘that’s my Mum, the strong one’, to feel alert and alive . . .

And if nothing else, when they bleat on about you being old . . . you can come back with ‘yep, and I’m still stronger and faster than you!’    (Who said you had to be mature all of the time when you are a parent!)