Health, Fitness, Beauty and Strength does not have any age, size, look or background to it – being the best version of you, starts where you are at now, with what you can do now

This video was born from a love for our daughters.  From a fear of the influence of expectations put upon them by modern media.  From a need to show the world that real women are beautiful, fabulous and inspirational exactly as they are.



Through our work as Personal Development and Health Coaches, we know that so many women go through life afraid of doing the things they really want to do because of what other people might think of them.  They wait until they are ‘perfect’ or at least ‘better’.   So we decided to show the world that our women, here at Crossfit Horowhenua, are indeed perfect in their imperfections.

These eleven fearless, fabulous women allowed us to video them, warts and all, doing what they love, in order to make a film that celebrates real women, that proves you don’t have to be perfect before you decide to get healthy and that disproves the beliefs sold by magazines and social networks that your beauty lies in perfection.

We don’t want our daughters and granddaughters to grow up thinking they need surgery to make themselves beautiful or that they are ‘fat’ or ‘ugly’ and are unworthy if they don’t meet currently accepted beauty standards. .

We are here to inspire them.  To show them that their beauty lies in their strength, to help them grow in self-confidence, self-belief and to know their worth and to know for sure that when you are strong in mind and body you truly are a Queen.