Expert Coaching at Every Session


  • Emphasis on teaching
  • Full Coaching every time you are there (*note, Open Sessions have a trainer on site, but session is not coached)
  • We are committed to continual learning and improving our craft – we refuse to simply do what everyone else does.
  • No join up fees – no locking you into contracts
  • We show you fitness can be a part of ‘who you are’ – not boring or a chore
  • Build on your skills every session, challenging you at an appropriate level every time
  • Creates community, friendships, confidence, progress
  • We know your name, we notice if you don’t make it in
  • You do (approx) half a dozen coached session for what a single Personal Training Session might cost
  • Head Coach operates internationally, and is available right on your back door step
  • Teaches you to move your body the way it is designed to do (& increases physical skill and neurological capacity)
  • Spacious, clean facility

A word about our programming

CrossFit programming is an art, takes years to master and would take a lot of hours in a given year and month to perfect for every level our box caters for.  But we figure our members deserve the best, so why not get the best in the country to do it . . .

Darren Ellis owner of the first CrossFit in NZ – Crossfitnz as well as Reebok CrossFit 09 programs for his own members, multiple successful boxes and competitive athletes.  With an MSc in Exercise Physiology he knows what works and what doesn’t.  Darren is also in a collaborative unit with some of the world’s top coaches to ensure his own constant learning and improvement, all of which our members get to benefit from.

Having heard about Crossfit Horowhenua from a few people, after the birth of my second baby I decided I should finally check out what they were raving about. And I’ve been hooked ever since!  I was really nervous at first but it was soon clear that every age, ability, and even all those niggly old injuries are catered for by the coaches at each workout.

Since starting, my confidence has increased and my strength has improved – I’m doing so many things I never thought I’d ever be able to do, and getting muscles I never thought I’d get!  I also love that I’m inspiring my daughters to be fit, strong and healthy – after watching me attend the ‘Power and Grace’ session, my 2 and half year old ‘does’ Crossfit at home.

There’s such a sense of community with everyone supporting and celebrating each other’s hard work and achievements.  If you’re thinking about trying it, give it a go! Sophie Knight

Well I’ve been fighting the trend to join a Crossfit Box since my son opened one in Tauranga several years ago. Instead, over the past 12 months I have tended toward traditional ‘gyming’ with PT sessions to boost my newly acquired addiction to exercise.

However, the day came when I finally ‘bit the bullet’ and completed the Foundation Training at Crossfit Horowhenua in early June of this year (2016) and the prognosis? I lurve it!

I have discovered over the past 12 months that I am, in fact, a social exerciser. I love being in groups of people, pairing up with strangers, or not, doesn’t matter to me, and that’s why I’m a bit greedy and mix it up with traditional gym work PLUS Crossfit as well.

Through Crossfitting I have learned that one can be subtly challenged without even noticing its happening then, bang!, you suddenly realise you’re actually doing something, like lifting a weight, throwing a kettle bell, squatting a squat! Lol.

Even though I am one of the “older” converts in the Box I’m treated with respect, friendliness and caring. I am encouraged as though I have been there all my life and I can see how this camaraderie quickly evolves into a sense of family.

I appreciate how, no matter what the WOD is, there is always a way of adapting it to fit my skill level and I appreciate how my skill levels translate into everyday life.

I’m enjoying my new found exercise programme and feeling younger the older I get! Ros

When I joined Crossfit Horowhenua at 58 years old, a small part of me, and a large part of my family thought it might be a step too far 😉  It was a little scary at first but what I found is a great set of folks, all with the common goal of getting fit in a functional way & having fun doing it! Rach the coach is fabulous, her approach is to believe you can do it (even when you don’t!) all the while keeping an eye on technique and good form. I love walking in feeling a little worn out by the day and always coming out feeling energised and knowing my muscles have had a great work out! Kay Gill