We are teachers.  You come to classes where you learn how to move properly and efficiently.  Then we teach you how to turn that into strength and fitness.  Every exercise is scaleable or has an alternative.  We make it as easy as your fitness dictates or as hard as your goals require.

Learn to move well and live well

Horowhenua’s Premiere Movement Facility is appointment and class only


We currently have training with us desk jockeys & chiropractors, teens to retired, size 8 to size 20 – proving anyone can do this!  This is where everyone comes to improve.  Where you aren’t just a swipe card and we DO know your name!

Quality Coaching

Our emphasis is on teaching.  The structured training program our coaches go through means every class is dedicated to ensuring your safety, helping you improve & providing a huge variety of session content.  We are purpose designed for the type of strength & fitness that has an actual carry over to real life situations


Because we’ve ditched the gear you don’t need, in favour of fully coached, expertly programmed,sessions, you get continual improvement in the areas that matter.  We are all about appropriate intensity, combined with adequate and measured recovery to achieve what you want in life

I started Crossfit in September 2015 as a way to get myself fit and strong for joining the police.  As a beneficial side effect of the training I have so far lost 12kgs and am much fitter and stronger.  I can play a full game at football this season as opposed to last season when I could barely last 45 minutes.

I wouldn’t have got to where I am today without the superb coaching and guidance of Rachael and the other coaches.  The atmosphere here is great, everyone pushes each other and supports them through the workouts.  It’s a great family friendly environment too.  I would recommend Crossfit Horowhenua to anyone wanting to try it out. Dave Carr

As a stay at home mum with 3 kids under 4, I was looking for a way to exercise on my own, but with my kids. Crossfit Horowhenua has a mum’s and bubs class with a babysitter which made that possible. I entered the box looking to gain physical strength, but I have also gained confidence, a new group of fantastic friends and most importantly, I have my sanity back! Coach Rach is amazing! I’m so glad I took the first step into the box! Sarah J

I absolutely love Crossfit, my new obsession! I came into the box doubting my abilities and strength, now I’m lifting weights I never imagined possible and completing WODS that push me right put of my comfort zone-and I love it!

I love that everyone is so supportive and you get to work out with people that push you to do the best you can.

My confidence has improved so much since starting CrossFit which I’ve been able to apply to other areas of my life and it’s been great. I’m feeling better within myself and now look forward to working out! 🙂 Lauren T

From the first day I started, everyone has been very welcoming and friendly.  It’s definitely a great way to challenge yourself and achieve goals.  There’s no pressure to lift 100kg straight away, but the support and encouragement is there if you would like to achieve that goal.  It’s an awesome way to meet new friends. Colin T